Do you agree that choosing a wrong life partner will ruin your whole life?

Yeah .. that is true. Choosing a wrong life partner will definitely bring turbulence in your life. But I don't agree that it will ruin your whole life.

The question is, how and when will you decide that you are with a wrong life partner? How do you come to that conclusion and how long that should affect you? Most of the problems arise when decisions are taken emotionally without assessing the opposite person.

If you know that the partner is not compatible, You will not marry them at all ... right? You have seen some admirable and interesting things in the opposite person before you have proposed for marriage. Even in arranged marriages, the bride and groom will talk to each other before tying the knot and decide that they are compatible and then only the wedding takes place. Now let us say, if you come across some dark side of the life partner after getting married, there are many ways to solve the issues and if that does not work there is divorce.

Many times the partners separate due to communication problems. If the issues are minor, both the partners can sit down and talk to each other, or take counseling from some elders in the family or marriage counselors. Still, if it does not work, there is a chance to separate the ways and proceed with their individual lives. I don't think choosing a wrong partner is the end of life and is an irreparable mistake in one's life.

It happens ... because Love is Blind and to err is human!!!