Do animals also understand and show love?

Charles Darwin was one of the first scientists to write about the existence and nature of emotions in animals. So, if someone feels bewildered by my answer as “yes” to the question put up above, it is completely strange.

Animals understand and even show the beautiful emotion of love. They have not been blessed with the ability to speak, but they surely reciprocate love in much better and loyal ways than humans nowadays do.

Real Life Incident Supporting My Point of View

The other day I was waiting for my bus at a bus stop. There is a dairy adjacent to the bus stop where an old man was purchasing a loaf of bread. Just when the old man began to pay for the bread and leave the shop, he saw a dog stood beside him. Thinking the dog might be hungry, the old man offered bread and left. But the dog felt so much love for the old man, that it followed him by jumping all around. This clearly shows how an animal also comprehends what love is!

Literature and Media Has Portrayed Animal Love In Plenty

We have all grown up watching The Jungle Book series or Panchtantra, if not by reading it. How Mowgli, a human child was brought up by a wolf is itself the best example of care and love shown by animals.

They Understand the Gesture of Love

Not only dogs, but all other animals show their love towards us and even their fraternity in one way or the other. For example- Birds always fly in a flock; this is in order to protect them from any danger. This concern for protection is also a form of love. In fact, try filling an earthen pot of water and place it in your garden. Thirsty birds will come and drink from it. This shows that they also understand your gesture of love for them.