Distinguish between Data Privacy and Data Protection.

To begin with, let us learn the concepts of data protection and data privacy.

Data Protection

Data protection is inclusive of the strategies that we can use to secure the privacy, availability, and integrity of our data. It is also called data security or information privacy.

Data protection is important for any organization which collects, handles, or stores sensitive data. This strategy can help prevent data loss, theft, or corruption and can help minimize damage caused by disaster.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is defined as only the authorised person can access the data. It is typically applied to personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII) where financial information, medical records, social security or ID numbers, names, birthdates, and contact information is present.

It applies to all sensitive information for the organizations which handle customers, shareholders, and employees. This information plays an important role in business operations, development, and finances.


The major differences between data privacy and data protection are as follows −

Data privacyData protection
Data privacy is defined as only the authorised person can access the data.Data Protection is focused on protecting the data from an unauthorised person. It acts as a control to the user data.
Data privacy is a form of regulation which governs and controls the data shared with an entity.Data protection is one of the mechanisms which enforces the policies and regulation into motion and prevents unauthorized access.
Data privacy is always controlled by the user.Data protection is controlled by the company’s organization for protecting the data and ensuring the level of privacy set by the users. The company has to take precautions for protecting the data.
Data privacy is focused on information not on the purchase of products either online or offline.Data protection is focused on keeping the information safe from hackers.
Data privacy is concerned with controlling our data and use of it.Data protection ensures that our data is protected from unauthorized intervention and access.
Data privacy measures the query of security. We often overlook and avoid this fact.Data protection is a safeguarding of the data which is already obtained .