Difference between Data mining and Data Science?

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Data Mining

It is a process of extracting useful information, patterns, and trends from raw data. Data mining uses sophisticated numerical algorithms to split the data and compute the probability of future events. There are several types of services in data mining processes, including text mining, web mining, audio, and video mining, pictorial data mining, and social network data mining. Data mining is done through simple or advanced software. Data mining is known as Knowledge Discovery in Data (KDD).

Data mining can include the use of several types of software packages including analytics tools. It can be automated, or it can be largely labor-intensive, where individual workers send specific queries for information to an archive or database.

Data Science

Data Science is an emerging area of computer science that targets information. Data Science is an interdisciplinary area that uses a blend of devices, algorithms, and machine principles to extract usable data from both structured and unstructured records.

Data science is not only statistics or machine learning but instead of filed unto itself, which manage with data analysis and modeling to learn the complex world of data. A data scientist is the one responsible for this job and it can collect data from multiple sources, organize and analyze the data, and then connect the findings in a way that efficiently affects business decisions. The objective is to extract useful insights from information.

Let us see the comparison between Data Mining and Data Science.

Data MiningData Science
Data mining is a phase of extracting useful data, patterns, and trends from large databases.Data science defines the process of obtaining valuable insights from structured and unstructured records by using several tools and methods.
The main objective of data mining is to discover properties of existing information that were previously unknown and to find statistical rules or patterns from those data to solve complex computing problems.The main objective of data science is to use certain specialized computational methods to find meaningful and useful data within a dataset to create important decisions.
In Data mining, the identified trends and patterns are used by organizations to formulate operations, marketing, and financial strategies to fuel business growth.Data science is scientific research that paves the way for a project program- or portfolio-centric analysis.
Data Mining centers on discovering records from several sources and transforming the data into a useful tool. It can be used across industries.Data Science makes data-focused products for organizations and drives decisions through the aid of records. It can be used across industries.
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