Differences between Procedural and Object Oriented Programming.

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Both Procedural Oriented Programming (POP) and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) are the high level languages in programming world and are widely used in development of applications. On the basis of nature of developing the code both languages have different approaches on basis of which both are differentiate from each other.

Following are the important differences between Procedural Oriented Programming (POP) and Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Sr. No.KeyObject Oriented Programming (OOP)Procedural Oriented Programming (POP)
1DefinitionObject-oriented Programming is a programming language that uses classes and objects to create models based on the real world environment. In OOPs it makes it easy to maintain and modify existing code as new objects are created inheriting characteristics from existing ones.On other hand Procedural Oriented Programming is a programming language that follows a step-by-step approach to break down a task into a collection of variables and routines (or subroutines) through a sequence of instructions. Each step is carried out in order in a systematic manner so that a computer can understand what to do.
2ApproachIn OOPs concept of objects and classes is introduced and hence the program is divided into small chunks called objects which are instances of classes.On other hand in case of POP the the main program is divided into small parts based on the functions and is treated as separate program for individual smaller program.
3Access modifiersIn OOPs access modifiers are introduced namely as â~PrivateâTM, â~publicâTM, and âTM~ProtectedâTM.On other hand no such modifiers are introduced in POP.
4SecurityDue to abstraction in OOPs data hiding is possible and hence it is more secure than POP.On other hand POP is less secure as compare to OOPs.
5ComplexityOOPs due to modularity in its programs is less complex and hence new data objects can be created easily from existing objects making object-oriented programs easy to modifyOn other hand thereâTMs no simple process to add data in POP at least not without revising the whole program.
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