Is Python Object Oriented or Procedural?

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Yes, Python support both Object  Oriented and Procedural  Programming language as it is a high level programming language designed for general purpose programming. Python are multi-paradigm, you can write programs or libraries that are largely procedural, object-oriented, or functional in all of these languages. It depends on what you mean by functional. Python does have some features of a functional language. 

OOP's concepts like, Classes,Encapsulation,Polymorphism, Inheritance etc.. in Python makes it as a object oriented programming language. 

In Similar way we can created procedural program through python using loops ,for ,while etc ..and control structure.


class Rectangle:
   def __init__(self, length, breadth, unit_cost=0):
      self.length = length
      self.breadth = breadth
      self.unit_cost = unit_cost
   def get_perimeter(self):
       return 2 * (self.length + self.breadth)
   def get_area(self):
       return self.length * self.breadth
   def calculate_cost(self):
      area = self.get_area()
      return area * self.unit_cost
# breadth = 120 cm, length = 160 cm, 1 cm^2 = Rs 2000
r = Rectangle(160, 120, 2000)
print("Area of Rectangle: %s cm^2" % (r.get_area()))
print("Cost of rectangular field: Rs. %s " %(r.calculate_cost()))


Area of Rectangle: 19200 cm^2
Cost of rectangular field: Rs. 38400000
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:26