Differences between Javascript and Lua programming

We know that there’s a huge gap in the popularity and use-cases of JavaScript and Lua. Besides this gap in popularity and use-cases, these languages have many differences at code level.

The following table highlights some of the most notable differences between JavaScript and Lua.

Implicit conversion when comparingJavaScript does implicit conversion when it is comparing any two objects with either the == or != comparison operators.Lua doesn’t convert between the types when it uses the comparison operators.
Operator precedenceIn JavaScript, the ==, ===, != and !== operators are of lower precedence than >, >=, <, <=.In Lua, all comparison operators are of the same precedence.
Operator overloadingIn JavaScript, you can’t overload operators.In Lua, you can overload operators.
Manipulating EnvironmentIn JavaScript, you can’t manipulate environments.In Lua, you can manipulate environments with getfenv and setfenv in Lua 5.1 or _ENV in Lua 5.2 and 5.3.
Variadic functionsIn JavaScript, all functions are variadic in nature.In Lua, you need to explicitly declare variadic functions.
Different naming operatorsIn JavaScript, the logical operators are ||, ! and &&In Lua, the same logical operators are written as or, not and and
Index ArraysIn JavaScript, the arrays are 0-index based.In Lua, the arrays are 1-index based.
Calling Method ObjectsIn JavaScript, we call the methods object using the .(dot) operator.In Lua, we call the methods object using colons not the dot operators.