Differences between Data paths.

Data Paths

CPU has two sections, data section and control section. Data section is also called data paths. Registers, ALU and interconnection bus collectively constitutes a data path. Data paths are of three types:

  • Single Cycle

  • Multiple Cycle

  • Pipeline

Following are some of the important differences between Single Cycle, Multiple Cycle and Pipeline data paths.

Sr. No.KeySingle CycleMultiple CyclePipeline
1CycleSingle Cycle has one CPI (Clock Cycle Per Instruction).Multiple Cycle has variable CPIs.Pipeline has fixed no. of CPIs.
2Instruction divisionIn single cycle, instruction is not divided per CPI.In multiple cycle, an instruction can be divided in arbitrary steps.In pipline, an instruction is divided one step per pipeline stage.
3Instruction divisionIn single cycle, one instruction is executed at a time.In multiple cycle also, one instruction is executed at a time.In pipline, multiple instructions can be executed at a time.
4Extra RegistersIn single cycle, extra registers are not needed.In multiple cycle, extra registers are required.In pipline also, extra registers are required.
5Clock Cycle TimeIn single cycle, clock cycle time is long.In multiple cycle, clock cycle time is short.In pipline also, clock cycle time is short.
6Clock Cycle OverlappingIn single cycle, clock cycle overlapping is not possible.In multiple cycle, clock cycle overlapping is not present.In pipline also, clock cycle overlap happens.

Updated on: 16-May-2020

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