Differences between POP3 and IMAP

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Both POP3 and IMAP are Message Accessing Agent which are widely used to retrieve messages from a mail server to receiver systems. Both helps in setting SPAM and virus filters.

Following are the important differences between POP3 and IMAP.

1Full FormPOP3 stands for Post Office Protocol 3IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol.
2ComplexityPOP3 is simple and only mails can be downloaded from your inbox to local computer.IMAP is complex and allows to see all the folders on the mail server.
3PortsPOP3 listens on 110 and POP with SSL, POP3DS listens on 995 port.IMAP listens on 143 and IMAP with SSL, IMAPDS listens on 993 port
4MultiaccessPOP3 suppots single device to access the mail at a time.IMAP supports multiple devices which can access the mail at a time.
5DownloadIn POP3, mail to be downloaded first then can be read.In IMAP, mail can be partially read before complete download.
6Mail OrganizeMails cannot be organized on mail server using POP3.IMAP allows to organize mails on mail server.
7Update EmailMails cannot be created/updated/deleted on mail server using POP3.IMAP allows to create/update/delete mails on mail server.
8Search ContentMail content cannot be searched on mail server using POP3. To search, mail to be downloaded first.Mail content can be searched on mail server using IMAP.
9DownloadAll message are downloaded at once.Mail message header can be previewed befor a message is to be downloaded.
10ChangeUsing local email software, a mail can be updated.A mail can be updated via a web interface or email software.
Published on 26-Nov-2019 10:46:25