Differences Between Excel and Tableau

Excel and Tableau are two convenient tools for the development, storage, and analysis of your data.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application used for calculations, statistical operations, data analysis, and outlining. Excel spreadsheets are electronics worksheets that show data in tabular forms, with rows and columns. Data is kept in cells. Also, you can create graphs, charts, or presentations to highlight a specific intuition.


Tableau is a business intelligence tool to get perception from details, find the trends, and make the business choice. Tableau can easily format data in the graphical view to mark the patterns and relations between the informative points. These data visualization tools are mainly connected to third-party tools to get the data. And it offers user-friendly features like drag and drop or drop-down menus so that users can analyze the data quickly.

Differences Between Excel and Tableau

The following table highlights the major differences between Excel and Tableau −

Microsoft ExcelTableau
It is a spreadsheet tool that is used to maintain and configure the data.It is a spreadsheet tool that is used to maintain and configure the data.
Appropriate for storing data and for analytical investigation.It is best for the fast and easy portrayal of data.
The inherent security feature is not good when compared to Tableau.Various options are there to secure the data without writing.
To unloose the full potential of Excel, Knowledge of the VBA and basic writing is necessary.You can easily use Tableau without having any previous knowledge about coding.
For the business, use faster on-off reports.From the business point of view, more important the data, it is best to work.
Excel amalgamates with around 60 applications.Whereas, in Tableau, it amalgamates with around 250 applications.
Primarily usable for the data analysts, developers, and ETLDBA.Primarily usable for data analysts and data scientists.
n many realms which deal with data transformations, here excel is used.Tableau is used for business evaluations and critical performance metrics.
It is convenient for small-scale and structured data.Tableau is convenient for big data problems.

Which tool is best for your organization.?

To decide which analytics tool is best for your business, consider the following four factors −

  • The kinds of reports you are generating

  • The group of data you are working with

  • How often you are generating the reports.

  • Last but not least, your budget

Excel works in a good way when you have to make fast and one-off reports. Tableau is good when you want a detailed analysis of data.