Difference between WiFi Ready and WiFi Built-in Blu-ray Players

WiFi Ready Blu-ray Players and WiFi Built-in Blu-ray Players are two types of Blu-ray players that support wireless communication. WiFi Ready Blu-ray players are devices that lack built-in wireless capabilities but can connect to the internet through a wireless adaptor. WiFi Built-in Blu-ray players include built-in wireless connectivity features.

Read this article to find out more about WiFi Ready Blu-ray Players and WiFi Built-in Blu-ray Players and how they are different from each other.

What are WiFi Ready Blu-ray Players?

WiFi Ready is a feature found in electronic devices such as Blu-ray players, televisions, and audio systems that indicates the device's ability to connect to the internet wirelessly. However, unlike a WiFi Built-in device, a WiFi Ready device lacks built-in wireless communication capabilities. Instead, to enable wireless internet connections, an external WiFi adaptor (also known as a dongle) is required.

  • A WiFi Ready Blu-ray player is one that is capable of connecting to the Internet over WiFi but lacks the requisite in-built wireless technology. Instead, it features a specific port or slot to which you can connect a compatible WiFi adapter. This adapter connects your device to your home WiFi network, allowing it to access online information and services.

  • The WiFi adapter is an additional device that connects to the Blu-ray player via a USB port or another specific connection point. It gives the gadget the necessary wireless functionality, allowing it to interface with your home WiFi router.

  • The main benefit of WiFi-ready Blu-ray players is that they are frequently less expensive than WiFi-built-in ones. The requirement to acquire an additional WiFi adapter can be seen as a drawback because it adds cost and complexity to the setup procedure. Furthermore, there may be compatibility concerns between the player and certain WiFi adapters, necessitating cautious investigation prior to purchase.

What are WiFi Built-in Blu-ray Players?

WiFi-built-in Blu-ray players, also known as Blu-ray players with integrated WiFi, are devices that include built-in wireless networking. They do not require any additional adapters to connect wirelessly to the internet or a local network, unlike WiFi-ready Blu-ray players.

  • WiFi-built-in Blu-ray players contain a necessary WiFi transceiver and hardware components. This means that they can connect to wireless networks without using any additional adapters.

  • Typically, configuring a WiFi-built-in Blu-ray player for wireless access is simple. Connect the player to your home WiFi network by selecting the network name (SSID) and, if necessary, providing the network password. The player will have internet access after a successful connection.

  • WiFi Built-in Blu-ray players may access a variety of online features and services once connected to the internet. Popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Hulu may be included, as well as software and firmware updates to keep the player up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

  • If the built-in WiFi hardware becomes outdated or develops problems in the future, it may be difficult to replace or upgrade. However, because WiFi technology evolves at a rather moderate pace, this is usually not a major worry in the short to medium term.

Difference between Android and WiFi Built-in Blu-ray Players

The following table highlights the major differences between WiFi Ready and WiFi Built-in Blu-ray Players −


WiFi Ready

WiFi Built-in Blu-ray Players


Generally cheaper

Often more expensive due to integrated WiFi


Less convenient, additional setup required

More convenient, no need for additional steps

Wireless Connectivity

Requires a separate WiFi adapter

Integrated WiFi hardware


Dependent on the compatible adapter

No compatibility concerns with built-in WiFi

Wireless Standards Supported

Depends on the adapter's capabilities

Usually supports standard WiFi protocols (e.g., 802.11b/g/n/ac)

Online Features & Services

Can access online features with adapter

Can access online features directly

Long-term Support

Potential to become obsolete with adapter

Integrated WiFi support with the device's lifespan


Adapter can be replaced/upgraded

Integrated WiFi hardware may not be upgradeable

Setup Process

Requires additional adapter setup steps

Seamless and straightforward setup


In conclusion, the primary difference between WiFi Ready and WiFi Built-in Blu-ray players is their wireless connectivity capabilities. WiFi Ready players require an additional WiFi adapter to connect to the Internet, but WiFi Built-in players include built-in wireless technology for smooth communication. Your choice between the two is determined by your budget, desire for ease of installation, and long-term upgrade considerations.

Updated on: 17-Aug-2023


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