Difference between WiFi and BlueTooth

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WiFi and Bluetooth used to send and receive data wirelessly using radio signals. WiFi is for high speed internet access and bluetooth is used to connect devices in short range.

Following are the important differences between WiFi and Bluetooth.

Sr. No.KeyWiFiBluetooth
1DefinitionWiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity.Bluetooth has no full form.
2ComponentWiFi requires wireless adaptor on all devices and Wireless Router for connectivity.Bluetooth requires bluetooth adaptor on all devices for connectivity.
3Power ConsumptionWifi consumes high power.Bluetooth consumes low power.
4SecurityWiFi security is more secure than of Bluetooth.Bluetooth security is less secure than of WiFi.
5Multi UserWiFi supports large number of users to be connected.Bluetooth supports few number of users to be connected.
6BandwidthWiFi needs high bandwidth.Bluetooth needs low bandwidth.
7CoverageWiFi coverage area is upto 32 meters.Bluetooth coverage area is about 10 meters.
Published on 27-Nov-2019 07:12:21