Difference between Wifi and WiMax

Wifi and WiMax are used to create wireless network connections. Wifi is used to create small networks and used to connect printers, conmputers, gaming consoles. WiMax uses spectrum to deliver connection to network. WiMax is used to provide internet services such as Mobile Data and hotspots.

Following are the important differences between Wifi and WiMax.

Sr. No.KeyWifiWiMax
1DefinitionWifi stands for Wireless Fidelity.WiMax stands for Wireless Inter-operability for Microwave Access.
2UsageWiFi uses Radio waves to create wireless high-speed internet and network connections. A wireless adapter is needed to create hotspots.WiMax uses spectrum to deliver connection to network and handle a larger inter-operable network.
3IEEEWifi is defined under IEEE 802.11x standards where x defines various WiFi versions.WiMax is defined under IEEE 802.16y standards where y defines various WiMax versions.
4UsageWifi is used in LAN applications.WiMax is used in MAN applications.
5QoSWifi does not gurrantee Quality of Service, QoS.WiMax guarantees Quality of Service, QoS.
6Network RangeWifi network ranges at max 100 meters.WiMax network ranges to max 90 kms.
7Transmission speedWifi transmission speed can be upto 54 mbps.WiMax transmission speed can be upto 70 mbps.