Difference Between Soft Computing and Hard Computing

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In this post, we will understand the difference between soft computing and hard computing −

Soft Computing

  • It can be associated with being liberal with inexactness, uncertainty, partial truth and approximation.

  • It depends on formal logic and probabilistic reasoning.

  • It consists of approximation and dispositionality.

  • It has a stochastic nature.

  • It generally works on ambiguous and noisy data.

  • It can be used to perform parallel computations.

  • It results in approximate results.

  • It can come out with its own programs.

  • It incorporates randomness in its computations.

  • It uses multivalued logic.

Hard Computing

  • It requires a precise state analytic model.

  • It depends on binary logic and crisp system.

  • Its features include precision and categoricity.

  • It has a deterministic nature.

  • It works on exact data.

  • It is used to perform sequential computations.

  • It produces precise results.

  • The programs have to be written.

  • It is settled in nature.

  • It uses the two-valued logic.

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