Difference between AI and Soft Computing

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AI or Artificial Intelligence is a science which deals with making machine intelligence. It utilizes image processing, cognitive science, neural systems, machine learning, etc. AI enables machines to behave in a similar manner as human behaves in varying situations.

Soft Computing

Soft computing is a computing model evolved to solve non-linear issues. It helps to solve issues where human intelligence is needed to solve. Probabilistic models, fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary algorithms are part of soft computing.

The following are some of the important differences between AI and Soft Computing.

Sr. No.KeyAISoft Computing
1ConceptArtificial Intelligence targets to make machines intelligent.Soft computing deals with issues with tolerance levels like uncertainty, imprecision, partial truth, etc.
2BranchesAI has the following major branches.
  • Cognitive Computing

  • Computer Vision

  • Machine Learning

  • Neural Networks

  • Deep Learning

  • Natural Language Processing

Soft computing has the following major branches.
  • Probabilistic Models

  • Multivalued and Fuzzy Logics

  • Neural Networks

  • Evolutionary Algorithms

3ApplicationsAI applications are countless. AI is used in healthcare, finance, automotive, data security to analyze complex data.Soft computing is used in engineering disciplines like data mining, automotive, etc.
4AimAI aims at making machines intelligent.Soft computing deals with imprecision and probabilities.
5InputAI needs the appropriate data to analyze and act.Soft computing can handle ambiguous and noisy data.
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