Difference between Cloud Computing and Grid Computing

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Cloud Computing

A Cloud computing refers to a client-server computing framework where resources are managed in centralised fashion. It is provided as a pay per use service. Cloud computing makes the system all time accessible.

Grid Computing

Grid computing refers to a network of same or different types of computers whose target is to provide a environment where a task can be performed by multiple computers together on need basis. Each computer can work independently as well. Grid Computing is used internally by organization.

Following are the important differences between Cloud Computing and Grid Computing.

Sr. No.KeyCloud ComputingGrid Computing
1ArchitectureCloud Computing follows a client-server computing architecture.Grid Computing follows a distributed computing architecture.
2ResourceIn Cloud Computing, resources are centrally managed.In Grid Computing, resources are managed on collaboration pattern.
3FlexibilityCloud Computing is more flexible than Grid Computing.Grid Computing is less flexible.
4PaymentUsers pay for using the cloud computing resources. They need not to set up anything. They use platform as a service.Grid computing needs to be set-up first. User need not to pay anything once set-up is done.
5AccessibilityCloud Computing is highly accessible service.Grid Computing is low on accessibility as compared to cloud computing.
Published on 28-Nov-2019 11:40:58