Difference between Sequence diagram and Collaboration diagram

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Both Sequence and Collaboration Diagram are the type of Unified Modelling Language (UML) which is nothing but the pictorial representation of any behavioural flow but on the basis of what each of them emphasis we can distinguish between them.

Following are the important differences between Sequence Diagram and Collaboration Diagram −

Sr. No.KeySequence DiagramCollaboration diagram
1DefinitionSequence diagram is the diagram in which main representation is of the sequence of messages flowing from one object to another; also main emphasis is on representing that how the messages/events are exchanged between objects and in what time-order.On other hand, Collaboration diagram is a diagram in which main representation is of how one object is connected to another implementing the logic behind these objects with the use of conditional structures, loops, concurrency, etc.
2Main focusSequence diagram mainly focuses to represent interaction between different objects by pictorial representation of the message flow from one object to another object. It is time ordered that means exact interactions between objects is represented step by step.On other hand Collaboration diagram focus to represent the structural organization of the system and the messages that are sent and received.
3TypeAs Sequence diagram models the sequential logic, ordering of messages with respect to time so it is categorised as Dynamic modelling diagram.On other hand Collaboration diagram mainly represent organization of system so it is not classified as Dynamic modelling diagram.
4UseCaseSequence diagram as already mentioned is used to describe the behaviour of several objects in a particular single use case with implementation of all possible logical conditions and flows.However on other hand Collaboration diagrams is used to describe the general organization of system for several objects in several use cases.
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