Difference between MIS and DSS.

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MIS, Management Information System, is a computer based program to assist users to make decisions based on information present in the system.


DSS, Decision Support System, is also to help making decisions. It uses communication technologies, data, documents to identify problems and to finalize decisions.

Following are the important differences between MIS and DSS.

1Primary TaskMIS identifies the information required.DSS identifies the tools to be used in decision process.
2FocusFocus is on efficiency.Focus is on effectiveness.
3DatabaseCorporate Databases are used.Special Database needed.
4DataFocus is on data storage.Focus is on data manipulation.
5DependencyDependent on computer.Dependent on management juridiction.
6UsageMIS is used to in control process.DSS is used in planning, staffing and decision making.
7UsersMIS is used by middle level, low level users and senior executives in some cases.DSS is used by analysts, professionals and managers.
8FocusFocus is on information processing.Focus is on decision making, support and analysis.
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