What is the difference between DSS and ESS?

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Let us begin by learning about decision support systems (DSS).


DSS DSS represents Decision Support System. It defines a class of systems that provides in the process of decision making and does not always provide a decision itself. These are a specific class of digital data systems that provides business and organizational decision-making actions.

It is computer-based software that collects, organizes, and analyzes business information to simplify quality business decision-making for administration, services, and planning.

A well-designed DSS aids decision-makers in compiling multiple data from some sources such as raw information, files, personal knowledge from employees, management, administration, and business models. DSS analysis helps an organization to identify and solve issues, and make decisions.

DSS software are used in multiple areas, including medical diagnosis, credit loan verification, calculating bids on engineering projects, business and business administration, agricultural production at the farm and policy methods, forest management, and railroad (for computation of defective rails).

It is a computerized program used to support determinations, judgments, and courses of activity in an organization or a business. A DSS investigates through and analyses large amounts of information, compiling comprehensive data that can be used to clarify issues and in decision-making.

DSS is broadly used in business and administration. Executive dashboard and some business performance software enable quicker decision making, identification of negative trends, and better allocation of business resources.


ESS stands for Executive Support System. It is software that allows users to transfer enterprise data into quickly accessible and executive-level documents, including those used by billing, accounting, and staffing areas. An ESS broaden decision-making for executives.

An ESS facilitates access to organized enterprise and departmental records while providing analysis service and performance assessment predictors. An ESS supports potential results and fast statistical information that are used in decision-making processes.

It is a reporting tool (software) that allows us to turn your organization’s data into useful summarized documents. These reports are frequently used by executive-level managers for fast access to documents coming from all company levels and departments including billing, cost accounting, staffing, scheduling, etc.

It can provide quick access to organized data from departments. Some Executive Support System tools also support analysis tools that predict a sequence of performance results over time using the input data.

This kind of ESS is helpful to executives as it supports possible outcomes and fast references to statistics and numbers required for decision-making.

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