Difference between Multiprocessing and Multithreading

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Multiprocessing refers to using multiple CPUs/processors in a single system. Multiple CPUs can act in a parallel fashion and executes multiple processes together. They increase computing power to a great extent. Symmetric multiprocessing and asymmetric multiprocessing are two types of multiprocessing.


Multithreading refers to multiple threads being executed by a single CPU in such a way that each thread is executed in parallel fashion and CPU/processor is switched between them using context switch. Multithreading is a technique to increase the throughput of a processor.

The following are some of the important differences between Multiprocessing and Multithreading.

Sr. No.KeyMultiprocessingMultithreading
1ConceptMultiple processors/CPUs are added to the system to increase the computing power of the system.Multiple threads are created of a process to be executed in a parallel fashion to increase the throughput of the system.
2Parallel ActionMultiple processes are executed in a parallel fashion.Multiple threads are executed in a parallel fashion.
3CategoriesMultiprocessing can be classified into symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing.No such classification present for multithreading.
4TimeProcess creation is time-consuming.Thread creation is easy and is time savvy.
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