Difference between Python and Bash


Python is a programing language designed to be simple to implement and easy to understand. It is a dynamically typed language. It is not using pointers.


Bash is a command-line interpreter and is shipped by default in Linux and MacOS operating systems. It can be installed in other operating systems as well. It is default User Shell for Linux and MacOS.

The following are some of the important differences between Python and Bash.

Sr. No.KeyPythonBash
1TypePython is a programming language mostly used in automation programming.Bash is a command-line interpreter or user shell to interpret user commands.
2BasisPython is developed as an easy to implement an object-oriented programming language.Bash shell was introduced as a replacement of Bourne Shell.
3Ease of usePython is very easy to understand and is quite powerful language.Bash scripts are difficult to understand or implement as compared to Python.
4TargetPython is designed for Web/App development.Bash is the default user shell for Linux and MacOS.
5OOP supportPython is an Object Oriented Programming language.Bash is a command based shell.
6Third-Party ProgramsPython may need third party libraries to work.Bash is not requiring any libraries as dependencies.
7PreferencePython is better for large codebase.Bash is suitable for smaller scripts.