Difference between Fedora and CentOS


Fedora is Linux based and open-source operating system intended for developers and system administrators. It is supported by a huge Red Hat Community. It was introduced in Sep 2003. Initially, it was also known as Fedore Core. Fedora OS uses IPSec to connect to remote machines or networks. It uses Internet Key Exchange, IKE protocol to make secure, robust connections between machines.


CentOS is also Linux based open-source distributed operating system. It is quite stable and robust. It was developed over source code Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL and is actively developed by CentOS community which have large number of network administrators, managers, system administrators, and core Linux contributors.

The following are some of the important differences between Fedora and CentOS.

Sr. No.KeyFedoraCentOS
1DevelopmentFedora OS developed by Fedora Project Community and is sponsored by Red Hat.CentOS is developed using RHEL source and is maintained by CentOS community.
2Package ManagerFedora uses DNF, RPM and package kit as a package manager.CentOS uses YUM as package manager.
3Release CycleFedora new versions are released in nearly every six months.CentOS is updated in the 12 to 18 months release cycle.
4Suited ForFedora is suited for workstations, applications, and non-production environments.CentOS is a stable system and can be used where RHEL level features are required.
5Open SourceFedora is free and open-source with some proprietary features.CentOS is a completely free and open-source.

Updated on: 16-Apr-2020


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