Difference between Fedora and Debian

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Fedora is Linux based and open-source operating system intended for developers and system administrators. It is supported by a huge Red Hat Community. It was introduced in Sep 2003. Initially, it was also known as Fedore Core. Fedora OS uses IPSec to connect to remote machines or networks. It uses Internet Key Exchange, IKE protocol to make secure, robust connections between machines.


Debian is again a Linux based open-source operating system. It is part of GNU project providing program components to Debian OS. Debian was developed targetting the end-users general purpose. It is highly user friendly and efficient. Many large and small organizations apart from individual desktop users use Debian

The following are some of the important differences between Fedora and Debian.

Sr. No.KeyFedoraDebian
1TargetFedora OS is primarily for developers and system administrators.Debian OS is intended for workstations and desktop users.
2PackagesFedora has nearly 20000 package libraries.Debain has more than 60000 package libraries.
3User FriendlyFedora is less user friendly as compared to Debian.Debian is very user friendly making it the most popular Linux distribution.
4Hardware supportFedora hardware support is not as good as compared to Debian OS.Debian OS has excellent support for hardware.
5StabilityFedora is less stable as compared to Debian.Debian is one of the most stable Linux distribution.

Published on 16-Apr-2020 10:01:25