Difference between Amazon Drive and Baidu Cloud

Amazon Drive was released in 2011 by Amazon for file hosting and cloud storage services. It provides file operations like storage in the cloud, hosting, sharing, and backing them up, and also a user-friendly interface making it easy for the customers to handle and manage it. The files or folders that are uploaded on Amazon Drive can be transferred to and from various devices like mobile phones, tablets, or desktops. It was originally named Amazon Cloud Drive and is not available worldwide in all countries. Apart from the 5GB storage space allotted by Amazon, users can also purchase additional space for greater capacity. Baidu Cloud, originally known as Baidu Wangpan, was released as a cloud service by Baidu Incorporation in 2012.


Some features of Amazon Drive are valued by users −

  • Managing and storing documents

  • Sharing files or folders

  • Drag-drop feature for easier transfers

  • Importing and exporting data

  • Access to mobile phones

  • Backup and recovery of tampered files

Baidu Cloud

It offers services like storage facilities in the cloud, software management for the client, management of files and resource sharing as well as third-party integration. The target files could be created on one of the client terminals and after that automatic synchronization occurs on the client terminals based on the internet. It is a secure and scalable storage service following a hierarchical storage pattern, with the main advantage of adding a powerful engine to the data with the help of storage in addition to the computing framework feature.


The main features of Baidu Cloud are −

  • Cloud data

    • Cloud data as local

    • Cloud data as third-party

    • Writing APIs for multiple scenarios

    • Compatible with AWS S3

  • Data management of the cloud

    • Data disaster recovery and management

    • Security and management of data

    • Data lifecycle management

  • Processing of data

    • Processing and review of photo

    • Processing audio/video

    • Triggering notifications based on events

  • Distribution of data

    • Enabling CDN acceleration with the help of BOS

    • Setting up Cross-region access


Basis of Difference

Amazon Drive

Baidu Cloud


Released by Amazon.

Released by Baidu Incorporation.

Launching year

It was launched for people in the year 2011.

It was launched for people in the year 2012.

Storage space

The free storage space offered is up to 5GB.

The free storage space offered is up to 2TB.

Places used

It is available worldwide except in China.

It is mostly available in China as it is a Chinese-based product.


The people having Amazon Prime are given unlimited storage at first, and then a cost is applied for other requirements. Hence, it is comparatively more costly if the user wants to buy additional storage space.

Comparatively less costly for additional storage, and also it varies with the user location.

Maximum Storage size

The maximum storage space can extend up to 30TB.

The maximum storage space can extend up to 32TB.


Access control permissions in a file or folder invite links are not possible as the security policies are very strong in this case.

Controlling the permissions in accessing the invite link of a file or folder is possible. The security measures were a bit less secure in the past on Baidu Cloud.

Quantity of users

The number of users on this platform is less.

More users on this platform as compared to Amazon Drive.

Remote uploading

Remote uploading cannot be done

Remote uploading can be done


Storage of photos is its main application, it can also it integrated with Alexa and other Amazon services.

Used for storing various kinds of files like images, video, pdf, word, excel, etc. An additional advantage of music streaming on an online platform is offered by it.

Platform used

It can be applied and integrated into various platforms, for example, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

The platform and language support are limited as it is mainly designed for the China-based population.


Along with the above differences and advantages of the two types of cloud storage options, there are also some disadvantages.

Amazon Drive

The disadvantages of Amazon Drive are −

  • Supports only limited image formats.

  • Other formats will be counted in the additional storage.

  • Files above 2GB cannot be uploaded.

  • Live streaming of videos cannot be applied for more than 20 minutes.

  • Syncing files automatically cannot be done on the Web.

  • Cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Baidu Cloud

The disadvantages of Baidu Cloud are −

  • The platform faces huge competition.

  • The software updates are not protected while using this.

  • It uses only the Chinese language.

  • The motion controls cannot be customized.

  • The software consumes a great amount of CPU memory.


Baidu Cloud is mostly for cloud operations provided at low cost along with stability and security, Amazon drive is for regular use and mostly for photographers, and uploading and downloading images and also sharing with the client can be done easily with its help. Only if the project is completely based in China, Baidu comes as a one-stop solution because of its Chinese-dominated features. Hence, the application requirements should be understood first to choose the appropriate storage platform.

Updated on: 26-Apr-2023


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