Difference Between Go and Python Programming Language

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Go is a procedural language developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google in 2007 and made open source in 2009. Go was developed to ease concurrent programming and environment adoption.


Python is an object oriented programming language designed by Guido van Rossum in 1991 and is maintained by Python Software Foundation. Python was developed to keep language readability easy and to quickly integrate with other system without much boiler plate code.

Following are the important difference between Go and Python.

Sr. No.KeyGoPython
1TypeGo is a procedural programming language targeting concurrent programming.Python is object oriented programming targeting easy integration with other systems.
2Exception handlingExceptions are not supported. Go has error instead.Python supports exception handling.
3Class/ObjectsGo has no concept of Class/Object.Python follows classes and objects.
4InheritanceGo has no support for inheritance.Python supports inheritance.
5Routine/ChannelGo has Goroutines and channels.No routine/channel in Python.
6InterfacesGo does not support interfaces.Python have interfaces.
7TypeGo is a statically typed language and have a compiler.Python is dynamically typed language and uses a interpreter.
8VerboseGo is more verbose than Python.Python is less verbose.
9ConcurrencyGo has inbuilt support for concurrency.Python has no in-built support for concurrency.
10UsageGo is mainly used for system programming.Python is popular in data analysis and computing tasks.
Published on 27-Nov-2019 08:17:55