Difference between Go and C++.

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Go is a procedural programming language. Programs are assembled using packages. It supports environment adopting patterns similar to dynamic languages.


C++ is an object oriented programming language. C++ is quiet fast, reliable and secure. It is most widely used language as well.

Following are the important differences between Go and C++.

Sr. No.KeyGoC++
1TypeGo is a procedural programming language and supports patterns similar to dynamic languages.C++ is an object oriented programming language.
2Supports for ClassGo has no support for class with constructors.C++ has support for class with constructors.
3Garbage CollectionGo has automatic garbage collection.C++ has not provided automatic garbage collection.
4InheritanceGo has no support for inheritance.C++ supports inheritance.
5Implicit Type ConversionGo has no support implicit type conversion.C++ has implicit type conversion support.
6Function OverloadingGo has no support for function overloading.C++ supports function overloading.
7GenericsGo has no support for generics.C++ supports for generics.
8ChannelGo supports channel.C++ has no support for channel.
9While StatementsGo has no do-while or while statements.C++ has do-while and while statements.
10Header FilesGo programs uses packages.C++ programs uses header files.
11Const/VolatileGo does not support const or volatile modifiers.C++ have const and volatile modifiers.
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