Difference between Go and Java.


Go is a procedural programming language. Programs are assembled using packages. It supports environment adopting patterns similar to dynamic languages.


Java is an object oriented programming language. Java is quiet fast, reliable and secure. It is most widely used language as well.

Following are the important differences between Go and Java.

Sr. No.KeyGoJava
1TypeGo is a procedural programming language and supports patterns similar to dynamic languages.Java is an object oriented programming language.
2Supports for ClassGo has no support for class with constructors.Java has support for class with constructors.
3Exception HandlingGo has error handling instead of exception handling.Java has exception handling.
4InheritanceGo has no support for inheritance.Java supports inheritance.
5Implicit Type ConversionGo has no support implicit type conversion.Java has implicit type conversion support.
6Function OverloadingGo has no support for function overloading.Java supports function overloading.
7GenericsGo has no support for generics.Java supports for generics.
8ChannelGo supports channel.Java has no support for channel.
9While StatementsGo has no do-while or while statements.Java has do-while and while statements.
10SizeGo programs are compact in size.Java programs are less compact in size.
11ThreadsGo threads are cheaper than Java threads.Java threads are expensive than Go threads.