Difference Between Data and Metadata

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In this post, we will understand the difference between data and metadata.


  • Any type of information that is stored in computer memory.

  • It can later be utilized for a variety of purposes.

  • It may or may not be informative.

  • It may or may not have been processed.

  • In DBMS, data is stored as a file that can be navigated over, or in directories, i.e hierarchical form.

  • In DBMS, data refers to all items are stored in a database- individually or as a set.

  • Example: If a word document is created, and text is added to it- that text is data.


  • It describes relevant information about the data.

  • It is always informative.

  • It is always processed.

  • It is stored inside a data dictionary.

  • It refers to name of attributes, their types, user constraints, integrity information and the information about their storage.

  • When the ‘Properties’ option is clicked on the word document, it is the metadata.

Updated on 25-Mar-2021 06:15:09