Difference Between Data and Information

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In this post, we will understand the difference between data and information.


  • Data can be understood as a qualitative or quantitative entity that helps in developing ideas or helps arrive at conclusions.

  • It has been derived from a Latin worn ‘datum’, that means ‘to give something’.

  • Data is the plural of ‘datum’.

  • It could be letters, numbers, characters, sentences, and so on.

  • It can be in a structured format, unstructured format, or semi-structured format, such as graph, tree, table, and so on.

  • It is a single unit, and is considered as raw information.

  • It doesn’t depend on information.

  • All the data collected may not be useful.

  • In computer science, it can be measured in bits and bytes.

  • It is considered as low-level knowledge.

  • It can’t be used in the process of decision-making.

  • It can be understood as the property of an organization, and hence, not available to public (for sale).

  • It depends on the source of data.

  • It can’t be relied upon, and hence can’t be used for analysis.

  • It alone doesn’t have any significance.

  • It is not specific (depending on requirements).

  • It can be based on records and observations


  • Information is data that has meaning.

  • It was derived from French words and Middle English origins.

  • It refers to ‘act of informing’.

  • It can be understood as the act of interpreting data.

  • Interpretation would lead to meaningful data.

  • It is the data that has been processed, and most of it is useful.

  • It is used frequently in the process of decision-making.

  • It can be understood as the second level of knowledge.

  • Information is available to the public on sale.

  • It depends on the sanctity, authenticity and validity of data.

  • It is the second level of knowledge.

  • It is significant.

  • It is reliable, and helps in analysis.

  • It is readily available for use.

  • It is specific, since it is processed based on the requirement in hand.

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