Difference between Cold Booting and Warm Booting

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Cold Booting

Cold Booting refers to starting a computer when it is in off state by pressing the power button. Initially microprocessor is initialized then ROM is read and system boot process get started.

Warm Booting

Warm Booting refers to restarting system using restart button or using CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys command combination. Warm booting is generally done when system stops responding or system updates requires system to be restarted for the updates to take effect.

Following are the important difference between Cold Booting and Warm Booting.

Sr. No.KeyCold BootingWarm Booting
1Started ByPressing Power ButtonPressing Restart Button or using CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys command combination.
3Other namesHard Boot, Cold Boot.Dead Start, Soft Boot.
4TestPower on Self Test, POST is done.POST is Not needed.
5ConceptA computer is turned on from a powerless state.An already running computer is reset.
6IssuesDo not affect data or software.System may get damaged by warm booting.
Published on 27-Nov-2019 08:19:45