What is operating system debugging and booting?

First, let us understand operating system debugging.

Operating system debugging

Debugging is the process of binding and fixing the error, in an operating system both hardware and software problems can be fixed with the help of debugging.

When there is a problem in the performance of the operating system the user needs to debug the operating system, so that the performance problem will be solved and remove all the error and fix the error for running smoothly.

Debugging is the process where the user needs to analyse the failure and after seeing the failures they can check the performance and find out the error after finding out the error and fixing all the error and this type of system is called operating system debugging.

The operating system debugging is very essential in the operating system because without using this tool we cannot find out the error and fix it. So, it is the most necessary software for the operating system.

System Boot

The operating system needs a system boot because by using this we can start a computer from the off state and this process is called as booting and when the computer is booting we call it as system boot.

The procedure of starting a computer is known as system boot and booting is necessary so that the computer can run on and that task is performed in the computer.

When the user presses the power button the system boot itself and the computer is turned on so system boot is very necessary for the operating system without this the computer cannot start.

In the system boot, only one type of code is used known as Bootstrap program or Bootstrap loader which is mainly used for system boot so we can use it in the computer.

The initial bootstrap program is found in the BIOS read-only memory.

The bootstrap program can run diagnostics, initialize all components of the system, load, and start the Operating System loader which is called as bootstrapping.

The loader program loads and starts the operating system.

When the operating system starts, it needs data structures in memory, registers in the CPU, and then creates and starts the first user-level program. From this point, the operating system only runs in response to interrupts. See CPU Response to Interrupts.