Difference between Big Data and Machine Learning

Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning have moved far past the limit of popular expression phrasing and are presently normal terms in the innovation business. Business is about contest and on the off chance that associations need to remain in front of it, new advancements must be embraced. This is the explanation you will find organizations inviting advances like these into their business working.

They have turned into an explanation for the outcome of different enterprises. Both these innovations are becoming well-known step by step among all data scientists and experts. Enormous data is a term that is utilized to portray huge, difficult-to-make due, organized, and unstructured voluminous data. Though, ML is a subfield of AI that empowers machines to consequently gain and improve as a matter of fact/past data.

These advancements are being utilized together by most organizations since it becomes hard for the organizations to make due, store, and cycle the gathered data efficiently; subsequently, in such a case, ML helps them.

What is Big Data?

Big data is immense, huge, or voluminous data, data, or important insights procured by huge associations that are hard to handle by conventional devices. Big data can analyze semi-structured, unstructured, or structured. Data is one of the central participants in maintaining any business, and it is dramatically expanding breaths easily. Before 10 years, associations were fit for managing gigabytes of data just and endured issues with data storage, however after arising Big data, associations are presently equipped for taking care of petabytes and exabytes of data as well as ready-to-store large volumes of data utilizing cloud and big data frameworks like Hadoop, and so on.

What is Machine Learning?

ML is characterized as the subset of AI that empowers machines/systems to gain from previous encounters or patterns and anticipate future occasions precisely.

It assists the frameworks with gaining from test/training data and predicts results by showing itself with different calculations. An ideal ML model doesn't need human mediation as well; in any case, still, such ML models are not present. It is a science that manages the formation of calculations and projects which foresee results or make moves to streamline a framework in light of the data that is continually created.

Difference between Big Data and Machine Learning

The following table highlights major differences between Big Data and Machine Learning −

Basis of Difference

Machine Learning

Big Data


It manages to involve data as input and algorithms to foresee future results in light of patterns.

It manages extraction as well as analysis of information from countless datasets.


It can be characterized mainly as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, semi-supervised learning, and reinforcement learning.

It can be characterized as structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.


The extent of ML is to make computerized learning machines with worked-on nature of faster decision-making, predictive analysis, more robustness, cognitive analysis, and so on.

The extent is extremely immense as it won't be simply restricted to dealing with voluminous data; all things being equal, it will be utilized for enhancing the data put away in an organized configuration for empowering simple analysis.

Human Intervention

It does not require human intervention.

It requires human intervention since it essentially manages a colossal measure of high-layered data.


It is useful for providing better customer service, product recommendations, personal virtual assistance, email spam filtering, automation, speech/text recognition, etc.

Examples It is useful for providing better customer service, product recommendations, personal virtual assistance, email spam filtering, automation, speech/text recognition, etc. It is also helpful in areas as diverse as stock marketing analysis, medicine & healthcare, agriculture, gambling, environmental protection, etc.


Domain knowledge is useful, yet entirely excessive all of the time.

Solid domain knowledge is frequently required.


Big Data and ML the two advancements enjoy their benefits and aren't going after ideas or are fundamentally unrelated. Albeit both are extremely significant separately, when joined, they give the chance to accomplish a few fantastic outcomes. While discussing 5V's in big data, ML models assist with managing them and anticipating exact outcomes. Essentially, while creating ML models, large data assists with extricating top-notch data as well as further developed learning techniques through giving investigation groups.

Updated on: 09-Jun-2023


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