Difference between Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence refers to a science where a non-natural element can be made intelligent. In simpler terms, an artificial object, man-made object can understand and think on its own.

Machine Learning

Machine learning refers to ways by which a machine can learn without being programmed. In simple terms, machine learning is data driven application which can make its own decision based on varying inputs and can improve its decisions over time.

Following are some of the important differences between Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Sr. No.KeyArtificial IntelligenceMachine learning
1DefinitionArtificial Intelligence, AI is a science where we defined Intelligence as to acquire knowledge and then apply it. Artificial, that is man-made, so Artificial Intelligence revolves around making machine intelligent enough to learn and improve. Natural Language processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learnings are various streams of Artificial Intelligence.Machine Learning, ML is a sub-set of Artificial Intelligence.It articulates how a machine can learn and apply its knowledge to improve its decisions.
2AimAim of AI is to increase chances of success, accuracy of result is not atmost priority.Aim of ML is to increase accuracy of result, success or failure is not atmost priority.
3ConceptAI concept resolves around making smart devices/computer.ML concept resolves around making a machine learn/decide and improve its results.
4GoalAI goal is to simulate human intelligence to solve complex problems.ML goal is to learn from data provided and make improvements in machine's performance.
5DevelopmentAI is leading to development of such machines which can mimic human behavior.ML is helping in development of self-learning algorithms.
6SolutionAI goal is to find a optimal solution.ML goal is to reach to a solution, optimal or not.
7AchievementAI helps in attaining wisdom, to make smart devices.ML helps in gaining knowledge, to make informed decision.
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