Difference between OneDrive and Jumpshare

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Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting and syncing service provided by Microsoft as part of its web-based Office application launched in August 2007. OneDrive users can store files and personal data in the cloud, like Windows settings or BitLocker recovery keys, share files, and sync files across Android, Windows Phone, iOS devices, Windows and MacOS PCs, etc. Xbox consoles with OneDrive.

  • Microsoft Office documents can be uploaded to OneDrive by users. OneDrive offers 5 GB of free storage for new users, and additional storage is available for purchase.

  • The majority of OneDrive customers have access as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription, which includes Microsoft Office and 1TB of OneDrive storage.

  • Data is protected in transit using SSL for users of the normal OneDrive service, but it is unencrypted at rest. OneDrive for Business, on the other hand, includes per-file encryption, which encrypts files individually with their key. In addition, OneDrive allows you to sync files created and stored on your PC with the cloud.

  • You can link OneDrive to various additional devices, including computers, phones, and tablets, to keep your files in sync and accessible from anywhere.

Some of the benefits of OneDrive include unlimited file access, rendering files available from anywhere for collaboration, securely storing files and information and many more. However, some of its disadvantages are user errors, privacy concerns and document management.


Jumpshare is a visual communication platform that integrates file sharing, screenshot capturing, and screen recording into a single software. Ghaus Iftikhar launched the company in October of 2011.

  • Jumpshare allowed guests to upload and share files at first. Then Jumpshare enhanced their service by adding screenshot and video recording options.

  • They work on almost all platforms such as Windows, MacOS and iOS devices.

  • Jumpshare uses 256-bit AES encryption. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an option for private, end to end encryption or zero-encryption knowledge.

  • Jumpshare offers 2 GB of free storage and allows maximum storage of up to 1 TB. The full file size is 250 MB for free and unlimited for premium members.

  • It supports remote uploading and has traffic or band-width of 5 GB for free and 200 GB per month for paid users.

  • Over 200 different file kinds are supported on the site, including pictures, Office files, e-books, audio and video files, and even code files.

It is less expensive because it charges less for additional storage. Users do not have to sign up to upload files to Jumpshare initially, but it was later made mandatory.

Difference between OneDrive and Jumpshare

The following table highlights the major differences between OneDrive and Jumpshare.

Offers 5 GB of free storage spaceOffers 2 GB of free storage space
Limited storage that can be expanded up to 25 TBLimited storage up to 1 TB
Maximum file size is 5 GBNo max file sizes
Provides more security of dataProvides comparably less security of data
Does not have any traffic or band width limitIt has a bandwidth limit of 5 GB per month for free and 200 GB per month for paid.
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