Difference between Adaptive and Non Adaptive routing algorithms

Have you ever wondered how routers perform various tasks for us? For example, when searching for something on the Internet or fetching some data, routers perform some functions. There are different ways to do the same function as we do in day-to-day life. Similarly, routers also have different ways of delivering the data packets to us. Two such ways are −

  • Adaptive or Dynamic Routing algorithms, and

  • Non-Adaptive or Static Routing algorithms.

Differences between Adaptive and Non-Adaptive routing algorithms

The following table highlights the major differences between Adaptive and Non-adaptive routing algorithms −

Adaptive Routing AlgorithmNon-Adaptive Routing Algorithm
It is used when more importance is given to the data being transported than the speed it takes to deliver it.It is used when more importance is given to speed for transferring the data.
Finds the path suitable for transporting by analysing the network congestion and the nodes taking part in it.The paths are not automatically found. The network admin assigns it.
Data delivery can be slow because of the processing time taken to find the best route with less traffic.The delivery of data is faster than in an adaptive routing algorithm, as the system can save the type for processing the algorithm to find the best route. The route that the admin finds may not be the best in terms of network traffic.
Sometimes, there will be more usage of software and hardware in this type of routing. So, the admin must supply it, increasing the expense of system components.There is less software and hardware usage as the system does not find the best route by doing the processing.
It is less secure compared to Non Adaptive routing because it needs more information about the network topology to work on it and find the best route.It is more secure than the Adaptive routing algorithm as this algorithm doesn't need more information about the network topology.
It reduces the work of the admin by partially automating the process. The admin doesn't want to add each route manually to the routing table.It is hectic work for the admin to assign the route to transfer data packets manually.
The system admin can have some less knowledge about the network topology as the algorithm is automated.The system admin should have very high knowledge about the system used for the transfer to assign routes manually.
It is divided into Centralized algorithm, Isolation algorithm and Distributed algorithm.They are of two types − Flooding and Random walks.
It is more complex than Non Adaptive routing algorithm.It is less complex than Adaptive routing algorithm.