C++ Locale Library - <locale>


It is a locale class and a locale object encapsulates a set of features that are culture-specific, which can be used by programs to enhance international portability.


Following is the declaration for std::locale.

class locale;


class locale;

Member types

Sr.No. Member type & description
1 category

It is a locale category.

2 facet

It is a locale facet.

3 id

It is a locale facet id.

Member functions

Sr.No. Member function & description
1 (constructor)

It is a locale constructor.

2 (destructor)

It is a locale destructor.

3 classic

It gets classic locale [static].

4 combine

It constructs copy of locale modifying one facet.

5 global

It sets global locale [static].

6 name

It used to get a locale name.

7 operator!=

It compares locales.

8 operator()

It compares strings using locale.

9 operator=

It is used to copy locale.

10 operator==

It compares locales.