C++ Library - <complex>


It implements the complex class to contain complex numbers in cartesian form and several functions and overloads to operate with them.


Following is the declaration for std::complex.

template< class T >
class complex;


T − Type of both the real and imaginary components of the complex number.


Sr.No. Complex values Definition
1 real It is used to real part of complex
2 imag It is an imaginary part of complex
3 abs It is an absolute value of complex
4 arg It is a phase angle of complex
5 norm It is a norm of complex
6 conj It is a complex conjugate
7 polar It is a complex from polar components
8 proj It is a complex projection

Transcendentals overloads

Sr.No. Overloads Definition
1 cos It is a cosine of complex
2 cosh It is a hyperbolic cosine of complex
3 exp It is an exponential of complex
4 log It is a natural logarithm of complex
5 log10 It is a common logarithm of complex
6 pow It is a power of complex
7 sin It is a sine of complex
8 sinh It is a hyperbolic sine of complex
9 sqrt It is a square root of complex
10 tan It is a tangent of complex
11 tanh It is a hyperbolic tangent of complex
12 acos It is an arc cosine of complex
13 acosh It is an arc hyperbolic cosine of complex
14 asin It is an arc sine of complex
15 asinh It is an arc hyperbolic sine of complex
16 atan It is an arc tangent of complex
17 atanh It is an arc hyperbolic tangent of complex