C++ Library - <tuple>


These are objects that pack elements of -possibly- different types together in a single object, just like pair objects do for pairs of elements, but generalized for any number of elements. It is closely related to the pair class (defined in header ): Tuples can be constructed from pairs, and pairs can be treated as tuples for certain purposes.


Sr.No. Class & description
1 tuple

It is an object capable to hold a collection of elements. Each element can be of a different type.

Helper classes

Sr.No. Helper classe & description
1 tuple_size

It contains the information about tuple size.

2 tuple_element

It contains the information about tuple element type.

Object creation

Sr.No. Object creation & description
1 make_tuple

It constructs tuple.

2 forward_as_tuple

It forward as tuple.

3 tie

It contains tie arguments.

4 tuple_cat

It concatenate tuples.

Element access

Sr.No. Element access & description
1 get

It is used to get element.


Sr.No. Object & description
1 ignore

It ignores assignment.

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