C++ Library - <new>


It is a header describes functions used to manage dynamic storage in C++.The header also defines some specific types and the set_new_handler / get_new_handler pair of functions as shown below −


Sr.No. Function & description
1 operator new

It allocates storage space.

2 operator new[]

It allocates storage space for array.

3 operator delete

It deallocates storage space.

4 operator delete[]

It deallocates storage space of array.

5 get_new_handler

It is used to get new handler function.


Sr.No. Type & description
1 nothrow_t

It is a nathrow type.

2 new_handler

It is a type of new handler function.

3 bad_alloc

It is an exception and throws on failure allocating memory.

4 bad_array_new_length

It is a bad array length exception.


Sr.No. Constant & description
1 nothrow

It is a nathrow constants.