C++ Library - <memory>


It defines general utilities to manage dynamic memory in header.


Sr.No. Allocator & description
1 allocator

It is a default allocator.

2 allocator_arg

It is an allocator arg.

3 allocator_arg_t

It is a allocator arg type.

4 allocator_traits

It is an allocator allocator traits.

Managed pointers

Sr.No. Managed pointers description
1 auto_ptr

It is an automatic Pointer.

2 auto_ptr_ref

It is a reference to automatic pointer.

3 shared_ptr

It is a shared pointer.

4 weak_ptr

It is a weak shared pointer.

5 unique_ptr

It is an unique pointer.

6 default_delete

It is a default deleter.

Functions and classes related to shared_ptr

Sr.No. Functions and classes related to shared_ptr & description
1 make_shared

It is used to make shared_ptr.

2 allocate_shared

It is used to allocate shared_ptr.

3 static_pointer_cast

It is a static cast of shared_ptr.

4 dynamic_pointer_cast

It is a dynamic cast of shared_ptr.

5 const_pointer_cast

It is a const cast of shared_ptr.

6 get_deleter

It is used to get deleter from shared_ptr.

7 owner_less

It is a numeric punctuation facet.

8 enable_shared_from_this

It enables shared_from_this.