C++ Library - <fstream>


This data type represents the file stream generally, and has the capabilities of both ofstream and ifstream which means it can create files, write information to files, and read information from files.


Below is definition of std::fstream.

   class CharT, 
   class Traits = std::char_traits<CharT>> 
class basic_fstream : public std::basic_iostream<CharT, Traits>


  • charT − Aliased as member char_type.

  • traits − Aliased as member traits_type.

Member types

Following member types can be used as parameters or return type by member functions.

Sr.No. Member types Definition
1 char Character Type
2 char_traits<char> traits_type
3 int const value_type
4 int int_type
5 streampos pos_type
6 streamoff off_type

Functions from <fstream>

Below is list of all methods from <fstream>

Member functions

Sr.No. Method & description
1 fstream::close

Closes the file currently associated with the object, disassociating it from the stream.

2 fstream::is_open

Returns whether the stream is currently associated to a file.

3 fstream::open

Opens the file identified by argument filename, associating it with the stream object.

4 fstream::operator=

Returns a constant iterator which points to the start of the array.

5 fstream::rdbuf

Returns a pointer to the internal filebuf object.

6 fstream::swap

Exchanges all internal data between x and *this.

Non-member overloaded functions

Sr.No. Method & description
1 swap-free

Exchanges the values of the fstream objects x and y.