Coming Up- Brain Wave Conversations with Your Computer From Facebook

Have you ever wished to write a long email on your laptop or desktop without typing on the keyboard? Isn’t it great if all your writing jobs can be completed without touching the keyboard giving your fingers the much-needed rest? And, how about chatting with your friends on a social media platform without using the tiny keyboard of your phone?.

Just imagine how amazing it will be, when you can able to prepare your presentation or replying to your boss’s email by transmitting thoughts directly to computer without the keyboard, or any other input devices. Isn’t it great? But can it be possible or your dreams remain as dreams, forever?.

You may be able to achieve this dream soon, if technology giant, Facebook has its way. Very soon, your brain can start controlling your PC and Laptop, and you will be able to give the instructions without the help of the tiring keyboard.

A special team called Building 8 of Facebook headed by executive Regina E. Dugan is working on this concept at their London office. And if everything goes as planned, in near future you may find the amazing products from Facebook available in the market which will eliminate the use of keyboard required for typing any word.

Type with Your Brain

The recent news from Facebook which is quickly spreading into various media outlets and published across the world media, that the technology giant is working on a new technology called “Silent Speech”. This technology will allow people to convey their message directly to a computer using their brain waves without the help of any input devices such as a keyboard. Let us discuss how this amazing technology will work.

  • This powerful technology will eliminate the use of keyboard, or typing input devices.

  • Speed of data transmission from brain to Screenit will be @100 words per minute.

  • It’s a wearable device which will transmit your internal feelings directly to the computer.

  • It allows you to transmit your thoughts directly to a PC, Laptop or Phone just by brain waves.

  • You just need to concentrate on your thoughts while sitting comfortably in front of your desktop.

When this amazing technology will going to help you in conveying your message directly into the system, the focus will be on your thoughts that run inside your brain. It will be interesting to see whether you can able to control your absurd thoughts while talking to your domineering boss on a bad day.

Chat Without Typing

Can you endure the pain of your fingers while typing the words, thoughts, feelings- and much more on the tiny keyboard of your Smartphone- for a longer duration, while chatting with your friends and families?.

This is quite common with the people who used to converse for hours, especially the young bunch who keeps engaging themselves on various chatting platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, and others.They used to feel the pain on their fingers but still continues their conversation with fingers.

Isn’t it great if your thoughts directly show on the chat window taking instructions from your brain without any keyboard input? Facebook has recently revealed in this context which will be going to fulfill this wish in near future.

Putting Theory to Practice

There are many questions obviously comes to our mind when such a new technology is in the making and not yet available in the market for examining. Whether it will be a simple wireless wearable device, just like the AR and VR headsets, or a wired one to pin in your head like a medical device, the time will tell when the device is finally out in the market.

Let us discuss some other such anxious queries

  • Can the machine filter out conflicting thoughts, and recognize a clear thought?.

  • Can the machine flag the expletive words which come to mind when one is angry?.

  • Can multiple devices work on the same platform simultaneously, without interference?.

These are some common queries, but the list may be more when the experts will analyze its specification. We hope that the Facebook eam will successfully address all such queries before launching the product for our use. Though Facebook is ot alone, there are some other companies also working on the similar concept, but coming from Facebook carry a greater expectation for the normal people as well as its large volume of existing users.

Finally, this may be a wish for many of us when we feel tired of typing the long stories using the keyboard, and obviously after watching a Hollywood science fiction movie where the actor gives the instructions to a machine just by his imagination? If everything goes as per plan for Facebook, then the days are not far when we are able to communicate with our friends and families just by concentrating on our thoughts using the brain waves without typing anything on the keyboard.

Updated on: 24-Jan-2020


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