Facebook introduces video as your profile pic!

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Now you can upload a 7-second video as your profile pic. Isn’t that great? You can upload a fun-filled video or just a formal introduction in just that small little profile space describing you.

Along with the profile video, you can now, highlight your bio-data with a 100-character bio field.And we have an updated mobile-centric design with centered profile photos. You want more? Facebook has Big sections for photos and friends, temporary profile pics, option to pin feature photos to the top of the profile! What more can you ask for?

This helps you to highlight the most important things in your life !Putting biographic information right in front of you will compel you to update the information more often then ever before. Facebook will have the advantage of gearing up the advertising engine.These new features will aim to make Facebook more visually stimulating for its one billion daily users.

Updated on 28-Jan-2020 12:29:39