Can Your Netflix Account Be Hacked?

Is it possible that scammers would target your streaming services as well? What would a hacker do with your Netflix account? Here's all you need to know about it. Netflix is now available to millions of individuals all around the world. They may now watch as many movies, TV series, and documentaries as they want without having to pay for each one separately. Hackers have adapted throughout time to take advantage of naïve account owners to steal subscriptions to streaming services. Several people throughout the world have reported compromised Netflix accounts in recent days.

What Happens When Netflix Accounts Are Hacked?

A cybercriminal may simply gain access to your Netflix account in a variety of ways. Phishing is one of the most often used strategies. You've definitely heard of phishing, which is a frighteningly common fraud that involves the theft of private data from victims via bogus emails and websites.

If a phishing fraudster is attempting to obtain your Netflix login credentials, they may first send you an email from what looks like Netflix, requesting you to complete a task related to your account. Perhaps you need to validate your payment information, or there was an unexpected login. Regardless of the request, it generally entails you clicking on a link to something that appears to be useful.

This login page is a phishing site that can steal your personal information if you enter it. So, even if you don't touch the login button after typing in your email and password, chances are it's already too late. The cybercriminal will be able to see what you're typing and proceed from there.

How Can You Tell If Your Netflix Account Has Been Hacked?

Hackers will usually obtain access to your Netflix account and leave your credentials alone, allowing them to use your account without your knowledge. In this scenario, the simplest way to see if your Netflix account has been hacked is to look for unusual account behavior. Worse, if hackers alter your password or login email, you'll need to contact Netflix to reclaim control of your account.

Whatever your case, you may use the procedures below to see if your Netflix account has been hacked.

Log in to your Netflix account first.

  • You must first go to Netflix's website on your PC and click "Account" by hovering your cursor over the Down-arrow symbol next to your profile photo in the upperright corner.
  • Look at the tab labeled "Recently Viewed." If you see a TV show or movie that you haven't seen in a while on this list, it means that your account has been used by someone else.
  • Go to the "Watch It Again" section, which you haven't seen before.
  • To see whether there's a new episode, go to the "Continue Watching" page. Review your viewing history.
  • Next to the "Profile & Parental Controls" section, click the Profile name, and then on "View" next to the Viewing Activity, Check the places where your Netflix account checked in from by clicking the Recent device streaming activity link.
  • Check for any additional logins that you aren't familiar with. If there are, you may have a Netflix account that has been hacked.

What to Do If Your Netflix Account Is Hacked?

For iOS devices, the ability to change the password directly on the Netflix App is not accessible; therefore, use the web instructions instead. To update your password on your Android smartphone, navigate to More > App Settings > Account > Change password in the Netflix app. After that, input your current and new passwords. Don't forget to enable the option to require all devices to sign in with the new password. Also, if you haven't done so before, now is a good time to activate two-step authentication. Tap Save after you've updated your new password.

Alternatively, you may use your browser to access your Netflix account. Select an account from the dropdown menu by clicking on your User Icon. Change Password may be found under Membership Billing.

Ask Netflix for assistance. Hackers may be able to modify the email address linked with your Netflix account in some instances. Any attempt to alter your password or other information might be communicated to the hacker as a result of this.

Log in to your Netflix account on your browser to see if hackers have altered your Netflix email address. Select Account from the dropdown menu by clicking on your User Icon. Then doublecheck the email address next to Membership & Billing. If you discover that someone has altered your email address, you should contact Netflix customer service for assistance. You can do so by asking other account holders who are still signed in to report the problem to Netflix using their help center on both iOS and Android.

Updated on: 16-Aug-2022


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