Ways to delete search history from your account

Now, all the time, people use internet to collect and share confidential and important data online. Importance and uses of online data needs protection and privacy. Our data is always is in risk, unless and until you unplug your system from all other devices.

Sometime, we use public computer to access our Gmail, Yahoo mail, Facebook, Twitter, alert(“XSS”);, etc…, to download and upload some confidential data and to open our bank account detail. All things that you open on public computer save on history; can be open by any one other very easily.

If, you want other people not to hack your confidential/private data, delete history of all things that you upload/download using browser.

This post aimed to provide you some ideas to delete History from; Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube and Twitter. Let’s see how to do this,

How to delete search history from Google?

Whenever, you log-in into Gmail or any other Google related profile, and open, download and upload so many stuffs; create history for all (whatever things you do using Google related profile). Those histories can be hacked by anyone who has knowledge of computer bit more. That hacking can create problem for others in the future. So, the better thing is to delete history every day from all browsers.

To delete search history,

Go to the Google Web History page: “http://www.google.com/history” to view and remove each and every search history (day/date wise). To remove all search queries, click on the check box before the Remove Items box and then click “Remove Items”. To delete individual items, choose and check those items, before clicking “Remove Items”.

To ensure that the Google web history is deleted, turn off your Web History by clicking on the Settings in the top right corner and choose “Turn off”.

How to delete search history from Facebook?

After you log-in to the Facebook page, whatever you search on that, like; college/school friends, Business pages, any strangers, all saves in your Activity Log. Friends, business person or strange about whom you are searching, cannot access you search history or search result, but hackers and Facebook can easily access your search history or search result.

To delete your search history,

Login to the Facebook account, and then go to the “Activity Log” to delete search history. On the “Activity Log” page of the Facebook just go to the left side pane of the page, click on “More” and then Search to see all search you have made from starting on Facebook. To delete them all, click on Clear Searches.

How to delete search history from YouTube?

Unintentionally, when you subscribed something on YouTube that you don’t want others to see, just remove it from YouTube.

To delete your subscription,

Open the YouTube videos and scroll down, click on Video Manager and then Search History. Search History provides option to delete all searches or individual search, and clean house; you can choose as per your requirement. At the time of removal, ensures that YouTube doesn’t record your searches by selecting “Pause search history”.

If you want, no body to access your search history, delete your Watch History. Also, there is an option to delete individual videos and the whole playlist, choose as per your requirement and turn off the log-in.

How to delete search history from Twitter?

Twitter not to save very old search history, only saves few and recent one. So, you are always in safer side with Twitter, but still you want to delete search history, very easily you can delete that.

To delete your search for Twitter,

Log-in to your Twitter account, and then click on the search box, various options (to clear all searches or individual search) will open to clear the search history.

If, you are using Twitter on iOS, you can remove search history by clicking on the search lens will display “Recent searches” option with “x” button, hit that “x” button to bring up the Clear menu.

If, you are using Twitter on Android provides the option “x” beside the each search query to remove the search query manually.

How to delete search history from Yahoo?

Yahoo doesn’t have an option to delete previous search history, only thing we can do; don’t log-in for more time at the time of search query.

To delete (turn-of) your search from Yahoo,

Go to the Search Preference menu → “Keep search history” and then select “Search history off”.


Wherever, you open your account (Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, LinkdIn, etc..), only thing you have to do; keep yourself in safer side that can be possible by deleting search history. So, delete your search history and enjoy using your account.

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