Can we change the way we presently live?

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Pay A Heed to What You Think

It’s said that we do what we think, what we do on a regular basis becomes our habit, our habits build our character and in the end, our character becomes our destiny. So, focus on the thoughts strike your mind. It’s very simply-if you think positive, positive things will occur. So, focus on the root.

Identify Your Interest

Everyone on this earth has some or the other interest and you have your own. No matter how small, common or weird it is, interest is interest whether it’s a rock climbing, cooking, trying new gadgets, mimicry, or to try out new vogues…anything. Just try to get some expertise in it and you are all set to bloom.

Bring Small Changes to Your Routine

Let’s assume that you wake up at 8 a.m., have your breakfast at 8:45, leave for office at 9 and make it there in half an hour or 45 minutes. After working there for 9 hours you reach home about 8 pm and have food at 9 or 9:30 and hit the bed about 11:30 or 12. This is more or less the common routine of the most working class. Now, simply bring a little change here by going to bed strictly before half an hour and waking up about 7:30. Now, you’ll get an extra half an hour, which can be utilized in practicing yoga or any other workout for instance. Exercise will not only make you physically fit but it’ll also boost your mental abilities.

Reduce Social Media Usage

Forget about adhering to it, some of you would not even read this but believe me if you track the time of your social media usage, you will get surprised. According to a recent study, an average Indian spends about 200 minutes (more than 3 hours) per day. Isn’t it shocking? So, do not rush towards your phone every time you hear the notification sound and set a fixed time to plunge into it. I know it’s difficult initially but I know anyone can do it if I can do it.

Updated on 26-Apr-2022 06:48:32