Can evening time be quite soothing?

The sun sets in the West to give a signal to the moon to envelop the earth to bring night in its chariot of stars. But from the time, the sunbeams were not directly overhead to the time the sun radiates its crimson reverend beams, we enjoy the evening glory. Women love shopping, children love to play, adults love to eat street food in the evening, and so on. This is what we experience in the evening on a superficial level.

On A Spiritual Note

But on a deeper spiritual level, just like the Nine Muses mentioned in the Bible which are capable of producing soft soothing music to mesmerize a person. Similarly, “Evening” is also a musician capable of enchanting others with its music. It is like a “composed maiden” with a good musical knowledge that soothes a person and also creates some sort of melody and harmony in nature. But there is no denying the fact that some people also feel very melancholic in this time of the day. This is because our hormones and the other body parts are usually tired with the daily drudgery and they need rest.

Contrasted with this calm reservedness, we see the sensuous vitality instilled in the evening by the seasons. The description is sexualized in ‘breathing tresses’ and ‘lap of leaves’, suddenly giving ‘evening’ characteristics of flesh and humans.

A Time for Passions to Emerge

Hence, this is the literary device of personification which makes the evening, a symbol of comfort, melody and imparts its own soothing effect. The evening is a time for hidden passions, romantic fancies, and sweet pleasures to get stimulated.

It is a time which is a baiting time of wit, a balm of woe, a certain knot of peace. The relaxation that one can get at this time is incomparable to any other time's comfort.

Therefore, the evening is a time for merriment and poise both.