Getting Out of an Impasse


An impasse refers to a deadlock scenario in which progress is not possible. This is typically due to a disagreement. A number of ways can be implemented to get out of an impasse in negotiations.

If money is involved, consider changing the terms. For example, a bigger deposit, a shorter period of payment, etc. Be agreeable to easier problems and keep the tougher ones for later. Always agree to adjourn for a certain interval time to try identifying other newer options.


In case of an impasse, it can become an issue where any move from any participant may look like a weakness. The impasse can can steal the spotlight of the negotiations. Where, in place of the important issues, the focus stays on the impasse.

Tips to Get Out of an Impasse

  • Practice till perfection
  • Accept compromise
  • Pay attention on Timing
  • Offer and anticipate commitment
  • Drop your ego
  • Don't be too compassionate of others’ problems
  • Employ active listening
  • Hold on to your principles
  • Ask for what you want
  • Don’t close without confirmation