Body Language - Gestures & Words


Scientists claim that the human brain processes gestures from the same place of the brain from where it processes words. This means there is an innate link between our gestures and the words we speak, and any dis-coordination between both will be noticed immediately.

gestures and Words
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Pointing with Finger

People getting pointed at will be intimidated with this gesture. It is normally used to show dominance and authority.


Wagging Finger Side To Side

This gesture is used to deny an action or negate a statement. It’s used as the substitute to the head wagging from side to side.


Wagging Finger Up To Down

This motions people to sit down, and if used while presenting points, this gesture helps in underlining important parts of the speech.


Pointing Thumb Upwards

Pointing thumbs upward means appreciating some task that is well-done and meets your standards of approval.


Pointing Thumb Downwards

Pointing thumbs downward, on the other hand, signifies disappointment in the effort. It also means ‘no’ in taking opinions on something.


Index Finger Touching Thumb

This is the ‘Okay’ sign and signifies that everything is fine and meets your requirement. This was made famous by the US president, Martin Van Buren during his presidential campaign.