Body Language - Eye Movements

Eyes are considered to be the mirrors to a man’s mind. While combined with other gestures, eyes can give much information about the thoughts running inside a person’s mind.

Sr.No Movements & Description

Looking to Left

Looking to the left and down while talking signifies that the speaker is either recollecting facts. Looking at left and straight means the speaker is having a self-conversation before re-engaging in a debate or conversation.



While looking at sideways, it means you are either hearing certain sounds or you are interested in imagining a story. Many children have this look in their eyes when they are asked to write on an imaginary situation.


Looking to Right

Looking to the right and down while speaking signifies selfdoubt, whereas looking right and straight/up signifies lying. Looking to the right activates imagination and left activates memory.



When speaking, this could mean the person is being honest in his speech. When someone maintains eye-contact with you when he is listening to what you are saying, it means he is interested in the conversation.


Eyes Widening

Eyes widening may signal wonder and surprise too. It can also be the reaction when you hear a joke at a time you least expected it.


Eyes Rolling

Rolling eyes are a sign of disbelief. People who don’t trust what you are saying tend to use this expression. It could also mean frustration.


Eyes Blinking

Frequent blinking of eyelids means either you are participating in something that is too exciting or in something that is outright boring.


Eyes Winking

Winking eyes suggest mischief and is normally used in between friends to pull off a joke on a seemingly unaware person.


Rubbing Eyes

People rubbing eyes are either tired, sleepy or are in disbelief of what you are saying to them. It also signals frustration and irritation.